How can I become a professional artist? As many of us know, an easy answer does not exist. This is where the Connecting the Dots program comes in.

The Connecting the Dots series sheds light on how to forge a career in the arts by introducing high school students to a variety of professional artists. Students from all different educational streams are invited to weekly lunch hour talks and Q&A sessions, during which guest artists discuss how they transitioned from high school to their present career in the arts (many of which are off the beaten path!). The focus of these discussions is on the importance of making new connections, recognizing opportunities, and building bridges early on in one’s career.

Following the lunch hour talk, guest artists will run a one hour classroom demonstration where they will showcase their talents, and give students some hands on arts experience and the opportunity to interact directly with them directly.

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LOCATION:  High Schools
REGISTRATION:   This program is only open to students enrolled at participating high schools. If you are interested in bringing this program to your school, please contact