Dwell: Youth Climate Collective Residency

Update: due to COVID 19, the Youth Climate Collective residency is postponed until winter 2021.
For now, please visit YCC’s new website, showcasing the collective goals, youth leaders, the projects we are working on together and resources for learning more about art, environment and civic engagement at youthclimatecollective.ca

LSA’s Youth Climate Collective (YCC) is participating in a youth led residency in our Community Project Space, working collaboratively with environmental and artist facilitators to explore the intersections of art and activism and the role of creativity in tackling the climate crisis.

The residency is an opportunity to dwell both in a place and on a subject – offering the collective a space to situate themselves within to actively think through the climate crisis.

Over the course of their residency, the YCC will be planning and fabricating an immersive installation materializing potential utopian and dystopian futures. The Community Project Space will change weekly as new work emerges through the collaboration, allowing visitors to view insights into the evolution of a project from conceptualization to execution.

Facilitator Profiles

Nick Sweetman is an independent, multidisciplinary artist from Toronto. He holds an MFA from OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design program as well as a certificate from the Mural Routes Leadership Training in Mural-Making program. His murals can be found around the city from East to West, and he has partnered with numerous non-profit organizations on community projects and events, often leading teams of other artists and/or volunteers, from children on up to adults. His studio practice is based in painting, but he experiments with a wide array of mixed media. He is interested in drawing attention to physical and conceptual sites of intersection between natural forces and human-designed objects and spaces. By this he hopes to encourage consideration of our relationship with the planet and its non-human inhabitants.

Graham Budgeon is a 4th year student enrolled in the Bachelor of International Development Program at Humber College. As a complex-problem solver, Graham started a community initiative called Going Green Toronto which aims to support communities across Toronto in solving climate justice issues at the local level. Graham is an ardent thinker who is passionate about environmental and systems sustainability, as he hopes to scale Going Green Toronto into a non-for-profit startup in the future.