Celebrate Black History Month – Meet Yaw!

Yaw Tony is an award winning artist based in Toronto who is by profession an architectural designer. He is a proficient canvas painter, who also uses other textures such as wood. His work is inspired by architecture and african prints. Currently, he is showcasing his fabric prints which are inspired by the bright colourful, distinctive designs, and hand-made quality of West African, Ghanaian cloths. Each Ghanaian colourful fabric of golds, yellows, reds, blacks, greens, and blues, is intricately designed to convey messages about historical and cultural landmarks, philosophical concepts, political, religious and moral values of society.

Lakeshore Arts Connection: Yaw become a Lakeshore Arts member in September 2016. His vibrant print designs on silk were first exhibited at Lakeshore Arts’ Member’s Showcase during October – November 2016. The Inspiring Prints collection aroused the imagination and opened the door for design possibilities and ideas, all dependent on the beholder’s perspective, and vision.

Check out Yaw Tony’s work here: website | vimeo