Our start to addressing Anti-Black Racism within LSA

In light of LSA’s initiative towards taking a stand against Anti-Black Racism, there will be necessary changes made for our organization to be equitable, inclusive, accessible and accountable for our actions. In order to make our actions transparent, we will be posting regular blog updates to keep the public informed about the steps we are taking.

This month we will be working with Parul Pandya of Community Impact Non-Profit Consulting who will be facilitating two mandatory Cultural Competency training workshops for the board and staff members.

In addition to working with Pandya of Community Impact Non-Profit Consulting we are thrilled to begin working with Providence International EDI Consulting. They will be working with LSA on developing equitable HR policies, procedures, practices, board governance and recruitment processes.

While this work is taking place, the hiring of the Operations Manager position will be on hold. All individuals who applied for this position will be contacted with regards to the next steps, once we have the appropriate internal structures in place.

This initial HR and board governance work will be done between now and December of this year. There will be continual updates from LSA to keep the public informed as these important changes that are taking place.