Celebrate Black History Month – Meet Khadijah!

Khadijah Morley is currently a student at OCADU for Drawing and Painting. Her work is predominantly a series of black and white illustrations that exude erotic undertones. Her experimentation with texture, form, and space produce unusual or unrecognizable imagery. They are a visual narrative of personal experiences. Khadijah also helps run the OCAD U BLAXCK Association which aims to support black artists within the city and those who attend the university, and recently curated the student group’s “Black Creators Month”.

Lakeshore Arts Connection: Khadijah joined Lakeshore Arts as a member in September 2016. She was a featured artist in the group show “Cultural Elements” with several other local artists. Khadijah’s presence in the gallery was compelling; her surrealist illustrations drew in viewers, challenging them to make meaning in an esoteric domain.

Visit Khadijah’s website to preview some of her work.