June 1 – August 21

Desire(d) Paths is a participatory virtual exhibition by Colectivo Satelital that invites audiences to explore systems of communication, transportation, importation and identification, particularly how these systems relate to the process of navigating national borders. Through an interactive website with downloadable activity templates and a free biweekly workshop series, the project invites the public to use multiple art forms, including textiles, photography, printmaking, industrial design, and creative writing to envision new systems and create alternative pathways to navigating cross-border relationships.

About the Colectivo Satelital

Colectivo Satelital is a group of artists, designers, DJs and poets from Venezuela, with the goal of healing the shared and unique traumas of diasporic experiences. They aim to educate and foster community participation through events, exhibitions, workshops and storytelling, bringing us closer to a world free of oppressive systems.

The collective is made up of 6 artists based in Toronto: Camila Salcedo, denirée isabel, Ana Luisa Bernardez, Cecilia Salcedo, Sebastian Rodriguez y Vasti and Alejandro Rizzo Nervo. As a collective of artists who self identify as “Satelital” (or “of satellites”), we recognize our positioning as immigrants from Venezuela in Canada, as existing on an orbit that surrounds the North American/Canadian “centre”, and as a satellite group of artists who a part of the current ongoing and growing diaspora of immigrants from Venezuela worldwide.

Check out their work: colectivosatelital.cargo.site
Follow them on Instagram: @colectivosatelital

Image credit: Verónica Gutiérrez

Meet the Artists

Camila Salcedo

Camila Salcedo

Curator, Community Organizer and an interdisciplinary Artist

Ana Luisa Bernárdez Notz

Ana Luisa Bernárdez Notz

Interdisciplinary Artist and DJ

Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti

Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti

Venezuelan Artist

Alejandro Rizzo Nervo

Alejandro Rizzo Nervo

Visual Artist

denirée isabel

denirée isabel

Artist, Writer, and Dreamer

Cecilia Salcedo-Guevara

Cecilia Salcedo-Guevara

Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer


Apply to participate in Desire(d) Paths upcoming workshops: HERE

Designing a Transportation Vehicle

Led by: Alejandro Rizzo Nervo & Cecilia Salcedo Join us for the Designing a…

Creating Your Desired Travel Document

Led by: Ana Luisa Bernárdez & Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti Creating Your Desired Travel…

Natural Dyeing

Led by: Camila Salcedo & denirée isabel Discover the magic of the natural world…

Art funding loopholes for non-permanent residents in Canada

Led by: Ana Luisa Bernárdez & Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti Securing funding for projects…

Writing a Letter to your Immigrant Self

Led by: Alejandro Rizzo Nervo & denirée isabel Using an interactive game-like approach, together…

Creating a Portable Memorial

Led by: Camila Salcedo & Cecilia Salcedo  Creating a Portable Memorial will be a…

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