Free Textile Workshop!

Saturday June 17th 12-2pm
Presented by Urbanvessel with Sonja Rainey 

Create your own rust printed silk square, ready for pick up from the gallery one week later. Experiment with shibori technique in a larger collective piece for On the Brink.

On the Brink speaks to the powerful role of the Lake Ontario — as a place of encounter between cultures, as a border and barrier, and as a natural body which resists human containment and contamination. Composer and artistic director Juliet Palmer joins in collaboration with choreographer Aria Evans, percussionist Germaine Liu and designers Sonja Rainey and Kai Masaoka to gently probe the historical, political, social and ecological layers of the lake.
This site specific performance inspired by the Mimico shoreline will be performed September 15 & 16, as part of Arts in the Parks.

Space is limited so register today!
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