Free School is an ad hoc series of workshops, talks and field trips hosted by anyone on any topic (barring anything deemed hateful or harmful). Facilitated by experts and non-experts alike and embracing experience-based, self taught and traditional knowledges, Free School welcomes community members to share what they know with others in an informal environment, celebrates lifelong learning and seeks to build new interests and connections. Previous workshops have covered topics including: How to Take the Perfect Selfie, Kulintang, Urban Foraging and How to Care for Houseplants. 

Free School facilitators receive a small honorarium as well as a small material budget, if appropriate for the proposed session. 

Please note: in response to the evolving COVID 19 situation, Free School will be on hold until further notice. Proposals will still be accepted and filed for future dates. If submitting, you can expect a response within a week. Questions can be directed to 

Past Free School Events

How to Care for Houseplants with Jackie’s Jungles | January 29, 2020
Structural Engineering for Non-Structural Engineers with Rebecca Pringlemeir | January 25, 2020
KuliVersity: Kulintang Workshop with Pantayo | December 11, 2019
Urban Foraging with Monika Muelman | December 5, 2019
Sewing Basics with Kim Dayman | November 30, 2019
How to Take the Perfect Selfie with Eleanor Maim | November 28, 2019

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