Paul Guzman

June 1-25

Drop by our gallery to check out Seen All at Once, a new exhibition by emerging artist Paul Guzman!

Seen All at Once is a collection of paintings made by Toronto artist Paul Guzman. Using family photographs as reference material, his paintings examine the ephemeral nature of memory. While the content revolves around everyday moments, the people and objects are decontextualized and placed within a new narrative. By altering colour, perspective and framing, his subjects begin to inhabit a strange, dreamlike world. Seen All at Once explores the division between the remembrance and the reality of past events. By focusing on specific elements in photographs, the paintings describe the fragmentary quality of personal memories. This body of work highlights the subjectivity of our personal histories and the influence of familial relationships on our identities.

Opening reception: Wednesday June 8th 6-10pm

Tuesday: 11am–4pm
Wednesday–Friday: noon–6pm
Saturday: 11am–3pm