Repair Events in South Etobicoke

Do you have broken items at home that you’d love to use again? What to do! Toss it? Replace it? REPAIR IT!

Repair Cafes are events where neighbours help neighbours fix broken household items – small appliances and furniture, home electronics and computers, housewares, clothes, jewellery, bikes, toys, book and paper repair, and more. If you can carry it, we’ll try to fix it. For Free! Repair Cafes also help the environment, build community, and encourage a culture of repair.

Lakeshore Arts is hosting two workshops and one Repair Cafe event in the month of July. Read about each event and register below. 

We are also looking for Volunteers for our Repair Cafe event. Scroll down to read about the Volunteer Roles and sign-up.

Photo from Repair Cafe Toronto featuring facilitator JungHee

Upcoming Repair Events

REPAIR SKILLS WORKSHOP: Learn Small Appliance Repair with Paul – Saturday, July 8 2023 

[description TBC]

Workshop will be running from 2-4 PM and will be hosted at Lakeshore Arts’ Community Project Space (2422 Lakeshore Blvd W)

Registration Link will be added soon.

REPAIR SKILLS WORKSHOP: Learn Shashiko Mending with Adam Quang – Saturday, July 15 2023 

[description TBC]

Workshop will be running from 2-4 PM and will be hosted at Etobicoke Civic Centre – 399 The West Mall (TBC)

Registration Link will be added soon.

REPAIR CAFE EVENT: Get your broken items fixed! – Saturday, July 29 2023

[description TBC]

Workshop will be running from 2-4 PM and will be hosted at LAMP CHC (TBC)

First come, first serve!

Registration Link will be added soon.

Volunteer at the Repair Cafe Event!

On July 29th, Lakeshore Arts will be hosting a Repair Cafe, a free event where members of the public can get their household items repaired!

LSA is seeking volunteers to support in the following roles:

Registration Team

• Welcome Visitors and explain how the Repair Café process works. 

• Describe the waiting list process. 

• Inspect items for safety. 

• Review waiver forms.

Waiting List Guide

• Welcome and match Visitor with a Fixer based on their item. 

• Invite Visitor to sit and explain how the Wait List works. 

• When able, provide Visitors with an estimated wait time. 

• Remind waiting Visitors of the Refreshment Area. 

• Monitor fixing activities to identify when a Fixer becomes available.


A Fixer invites a Visitor to choose one of three choices: 

• Fixer does the repair and the Visitor will watch. 

• Fixer and Visitor conduct the repair together. 

• Visitor does the repair and the Fixer helps. 

Categories include: small appliances, furniture, computers, electronics, clothing, jewelry, book & paper repairs, garden tools and bicycles.

Setup and Pack-Up Crew 

• Setup and pack up registration, refreshments, photo booth and lunch areas, signage, power cords, work mats, etc. 

• Clean and reconfigure the space as it was upon arrival, including tables & chairs, whiteboards, floors.

Refreshment Captain 

• Set up the Refreshment Area and the Volunteer lunch area. 

• Ensure all refreshment materials are arranged. 

• Inform Volunteers when lunch is served. 

• Ensure the refreshment area remains tidy during the event. 

• Clean up at the end of the event

FIXED Photographer & Event Photographer 

• Invite Visitors to have their picture taken with the FIXED sign. 

• Inform Visitors pictures will be posted online. 

• Set up and take down of the Photo Booth area. 

• Take live action photographs of Café activities.

Waste Management Consultant 

• Provide advice about proper disposal of non-repairable items and hazardous materials. 

• Promote improved waste management strategies.

Additional Volunteer Activities 

• Collect event data and analyze results. 

• Develop and maintain membership and subscription lists. 

• Interview Visitors to gather their perceptions and testimonials.

If interested, please reach out to Nadijah Robinson at