RUMINATIONS – Making (and taking up) Space

Written by Kim Dayman, Program Manager

I’ve been ruminating lately on the idea of space. Ownership of spaces, both physical and not, self-awareness about how much space we chose to – or not to take up, how much space we create for others and how I’ve been witness to a growing divide on space-making.

Some people I’ve encountered have been more conscious about making space for others. Space for people or persons with disabilities in buildings across this city. Space for people of colour to have a stronger voice politically in systems of racial oppression and even just making space in a conversation for a marginalized voice to be heard.


Senior dancers rehearsing for Dancing in The Third Act

Some people I’ve encountered lately have been more defensive about space. Feeling the need to protect and defend their space from unwanted opinions, viewpoints and authorities. Feeling like their space is compromised and invaded by forces outside their control. I mean let’s face it we live in a city of six million people and there are fewer and fewer spaces where one can go to escape the reach of others.

The Lakeshore community itself is changing so rapidly with it’s geographical space. New development and condos seem to be popping up each week, more houses, schools, stores and need for infrastructures – how many of us have been detoured to make space for construction?

Here at Lakeshore Arts our staff compliment has grown over my time here from four full-time staff now to six and still growing. This has meant needing space for desks, making space for training, and having new space for increased programs.

While the theme of space has been following me around lately I have been actively asking myself, am I, thorough Lakeshore Arts programming, creating the types of space our community needs?

I’m excited for the future of this year: we’ll be doing a host of community consultations and a strategic plan (all to make space); listening intently and responding in the best way we know how to find new and innovative ways to help use the arts to enhance and bring vibrancy to the Lakeshore.


So today I am making space for hope, optimism, questions and self-awareness.

What are you making space for today?