Shazaam! IN FOCUS Report

The arts too can play a significant role in your healthy living journey, especially in youth. Back in the Spring of 2017, LSA embarked on a partnership with Ryerson University to uncover just how much the arts can impact the mental wellbeing of Grade 8 students at a crucial time of transition in their lives.

Over the three-year study, we evaluated our in-school photography and spoken word program, Shazaam: In Focus and discovered overall that the program made a positive impact on the students who participated. The post-program evaluation showed increases in a positive attitude towards self, confidence in self-expression, and power over their decisions – all of which lead to healthy mental wellness in youth and something we feel incredibly proud of! 

“The amount of support everyone was giving each other was unreal, it gave people more confidence.”

– Shazaam participant

Click the image to read the full report

Click the image to read the full report.

“Everything I do has meaning, the colours I choose reflect me, I have learnt to express myself through simple things I use everyday.”

– Shazaam participant

Summary Powerpoint