Treasures of Ours: Black History Month

We are celebrating Black culture and Black lives!

Treasures of Ours is a showcase of heritage treasures representing something of cultural significance or personal meaning to community participants from the African diaspora. A treasure could be an object like a book, jewellery, an antique, piece of clothing or a skill like spoken word, dance or traditional saying like a word, phrase, poem.

Celebrate Black History Month with us by sharing your cultural treasure through a picture, video or artform and submit your treasure by Friday, February 5th, to be the first to feature in the campaign launch! 

Every Friday during February, an established artist from the African diaspora will take over our Instagram account to share their creative works, their stories and advocate on topics that have influenced their work. Stay tuned for the artist line up and follow us on Instagram to stay updated with the latest news.

Treasures of Ours Exhibition

Treasures of Ours exhibition is an expression of gratitude to past and current generations for ensuring culture from the African diaspora gets the spotlight it deserves. This is an online gallery to amplify Black voices through their heritage, culture, talents, stories, etc. Treasures of Ours is intended to promote the preservation and continuity of Black legacy in modern-day culture.

By the end of February, all treasures will be displayed in an online exhibition that can be view on our website.

How to Participate

Submission Guideline – capturing your treasure

  • Capture the item against a clean background and in natural light if possible
  • Ensure it is the center of focus if there are other objects beside it
  • Take the object in its element, i.e., if it’s a wearable fabric, take a picture of it worn or if it is a phrase, take a picture of it written down.
  • Send the picture(s) in JPEG or PNG format and the video in MP4 or MOV format.

Apply through our  SUBMISSION FORM  

Early submission deadline is Friday, February 5th, 2021, to be highlighted on our social media among the first participants when we roll out the campaign. Submissions after this date will still be considered to post on our social platforms later on in February. However, ALL submissions will be included in the online exhibition. 

Please note that this is an online campaign and by submitting, you are giving LSA permission to publish your photo and the answers provided. 

Want to post your treasure on your own social?
Tag @LakeshoreArts and use the hashtag #MyBlackTreasure for a repost. 


Lakeshore Arts is committed to fairly representing priority groups and removing barriers for all participants. Should you have any considerations around accessibility, please direct them to