Yam (Youth Arts Movement) 2018/2019

Love FREE arts workshops? Looking for amazing volunteer opportunities? Programmed for youth, by youth – Tuesdays are the new Fridays!

YAM is a weekly drop-in program designed for youth and led by professional artists. Take part in the Leadership Committee from 3:30-4:00 pm to improve your leadership skills, gain volunteer hours, and be involved in the planning of fundraising initiatives and future workshops! Workshops run from 4:00-6:00 PM, and focus on a variety of different artistic disciplines.

Past projects included: Street Art, Perspective and Line Drawing, Printmaking, Music Production, Theatre & Improvisation, Digital Painting & Filmmaking.


This year workshops are broken down into 3 semesters, each 10 weeks in length and include:

Fall 2018: The Art of DJing with Keisha James
Winter 2019: Feel Something Series, spoken word with Patrick Walters
Spring 2019: Experimental Documentary Filmmaking with Monica Mak

The Art of DJing with Keisha James

October 2 – December 4, 2018

Program Description: Explore the art of DJing and learn how to do basic tricks such as spin, scratch,  juggle music on digital turntables (controllers), and how to transition between tracks in a set. Over the course of 10 weeks, participants will develop skills related to music and production, the process of how to get into DJing as a career, have the opportunity to record their individual DJ sets, and build leadership and confidence as an artist. Whether you stay for the full 10 weeks or are dropping-in throughout the program, youth coming or leaving will get the opportunity to spin and record as they go along.

Keisha James is a multi-disciplinary artist with 6 years of experience in the community arts sector and 4 years of experience in the film and media industry, as well as having obtained a Bachelor of Film (honours) from Humber College. She values social welfare programs, and using the power of media to highlight issues and bring about change. To this end, she is currently the Founder and Curator of The Broke Gallery, a pop-up multimedia community gallery that provides emerging artists a free venue and event to display their work. She hopes to use her education to continue storytelling through filmmaking and create engaging works of art, along with facilitating future opportunities for youth in Toronto to be able to achieve their goals.


Feel Something Series with Patrick Walters

January 15- March 26, 20-19 (excluding March Break – 12th)

Project Description:  Feel Something Series is an Extended workshop series where participants work on the excavation of personal issues through spoken word and conversations with the artist facilitator, Patrick Walters, who acts as a sounding board for the issues they face on a daily basis. At the end of the program, participants will not only feel more comfortable with expressing themselves and unpacking issues they face, but establish a positive relationship with spoken word and see it as an outlet of expression for the rest of their lives.

Patrick Walters is a spoken word artist/public speaker and arts educator who has spent over three years professionally using poetry to place emphasis on mental wellness and overall well being – a simple message, but one of paramount importance in today’s society. Through the execution of workshops and showcases, this message is passed on to the hearts and minds of his growing audience.


Experimental Documentary Filmmaking with Monica Mak

April 2 – June 4, 2019

Project Description: In this 10-week digital production workshop, youth will be motivated to express their innate creativity through documentary art production. Participants will develop 4-minute short films based on the question “What’s a major social issue for youth in my community today?” In small teams of 3-4, youth will work collaboratively, each taking on the roles of director, cinematographer, interview subject and editor,  to make artistic works about social issues affecting their peers in the community.

Unlike traditional modes of documentary storytelling, this workshop will focus on unconventional structures of storytelling by encouraging participants to experiment with narrative arc, point of view, and filming techniques. Participants will have the option to incorporate other media, including photography, drawing, spoken word poetry and animation into their films.

Special Recognition to Trinity Square Video for their generous support of YAM’s My Community and Me: Documentary Art Workshop with the rental equipment. 


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Advance registration is strongly encouraged to secure your spot. Workshops limited to 20 participants.

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LOCATION:  Lakeshore Arts
DATES:   Every Tuesday | 3:30pm – 6:00pm (some exceptions, please read workshop dates/times/locations carefully)
AGES:   12-16
COST:   Free (+ TTC fare and snacks)
CONTACT: communityprograms@lakeshorearts.ca