Addressing Anti-Black Racism: HR UPDATE

Throughout October and November, we have been working with Tina Garnett of Providence International EDI Consulting to reexamine our staff recruitment processes through an anti-racist and anti-oppression lens. This included reviewing job descriptions to make sure access barriers are eliminated, developing a wider and targeted reach for these job postings, and clearly identifying our equitable commitment to support Black, Indigenous and racialized candidates through the promotion of the job on social media. We are in the process of finalizing an interview rubric to ensure candidates are judged based on their skills, knowledge and aptitude for the position. We have also created a hiring and recruitment policy as a reference document to ensure future consistency and have a living document that can be updated as the organization continues to learn and grow. 

Furthermore, we have been working onboard governance and candidate recruitment changes. Board recruitment began in November and includes a broader and more targeted reach to potential candidates. We also reviewed and revised the board call and application process to ensure it is explicit regarding the critical analysis skills that are required for board members while also articulating the need for board members to more accurately reflect the community we serve. 

Based on these changes, we have moved our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to January 11th, 2021, to allow us to continue doing the necessary work needed to bring forward these governance changes at the AGM. These changes will include updated bylaws and policy changes to develop and support community decision making.

Having the support and guidance of Tina Garnett has been foundational for beginning to actualize our anti-Black racism commitments. 

Tina has said in working with LSA, “I am struck by the ED and board’s courage to lean into difficult conversations even when it makes people uncomfortable. It is this courage that will allow LSA to move into a new innovative future that has the dedication of all involved and is a safer and more inclusive place for all the organization’s stakeholders, including staff and community members. Many organizations are involved in transactional equity work, which is easier and faster; LSA is working on their transformational equity work, and their results will be shared by all.”

There will be continual updates on this matter from us to keep the public informed as these important changes continue to take place. Stay up to date by following us on social media and sign up for our newsletter