I’m part of the Lakeshore Arts’ Community: a #GivingTuesday Donor Q&A

We recently spoke with donor Austin Keitner of the Keitner Group, to ask him about his experience with LSA and why our mission resonates with him. Austin is a longtime supporter and donor. He generously donated the $2,500 for #GivingTuesday 2020. 

Q: Why is giving back so important, especially to the community you live in?

South Etobicoke organizations put in so much time and effort in connecting the people in our community by providing public space, programs, resources and initiatives. They are making our community better. I feel giving back is the least we can do. 

At Keitner Group, our mission is to deliver the dream of homeownership to as many people as possible. Helping to build a stronger community is a large component of our mission. 

My family and I enjoy volunteering our time in addition to financial support. We appreciate the opportunities to get to know our community through the organizations’ events. 

During a time of uncertainty,  sharing a portion of our profits is how we feel we can contribute the most value for now. 


Q: Why support the arts? What do art organizations like Lakeshore Arts mean to you?

The arts are so important! It allows community members to share their culture and history and beautifies our communities through murals and other public art installations. 

I love outdoor projects and enjoy walking and running and biking past them. I want to see more and love that LSA has the vision to turn boring brick walls and electric boxes into pieces of art. 


Q: What do you love about LSA? What’s your connection with us, and why do you continue to support us? 

I love the people behind the organization. They create community-driven events and programs allowing people to come together and have fun, this strengthens our community!

The Keitner group supports many of their programs like Lakeshorts, Mimico Children’s Choir and many of their fundraisers like their annual Pie Auction. 

We continue to support LSA because they are a staple in our community. Art is a form of creative expression and it’s just a fun thing to do. LSA gives our community opportunities to do that. 


Q: Why is it important for others to give?

Lakeshore Arts serves, strengthens and connects our communities. It’s important that we help each other and the organizations that directly help our community members in an impactful and meaningful way. 


Q: What is your go-to art activity?

Right now, Christmas ornaments and decor this time of year 🎅 with the kids. 


This Giving Tuesday, give a gift of support. Like Austin, we are all in this together to help grow and strengthen our community.

Donate Today! 

More about Austin Keitner and the Keitner Group

Austin Keitner is the Expansion Partner at the Keitner Group.  The Keitner Group is a real estate sales team whose Mission is to deliver the dream Of homeownership to as many people as possible. They accomplish this by using the best technology and training available that helps them secure the right properties for the right price for our buyers, and maximizing the exposure/presentation and price and removing the stress for our sellers.