Gathering: The Art of Black Culture and Heritage

We are building an exhibition for the Black community, by the Black community. 

What was the first item that you had that made you feel a part of something larger than yourself? That made you feel a sense of belonging, a sense that you were representing your own community, or your own version of Blackness? What are the hairstyles you proudly rock? The fabrics you drape over yourself as armor? The kicks you finally bought? What photos did you frame or put on your lockscreen? What song makes your body move, everytime? What made you fall in love with your Blackness?

“Gathering: The Art of Black Culture and Heritage” is an exhibition that will be created by you, the Black community. You get to decide what is worthy of exhibiting, and to tell its story.

Let us know, send us an image, or lend us the real thing to display in a celebration of Black culture, as proud and as diverse as it gets.

We have three thematic stations: 

  1. In the Salon we’re celebrating all things hair;
  2. In the Garden, we’re celebrating flavours, herbs, spices and foods;
  3. In the Archive, we’re showing off the objects, any item that makes you proud.

How to Participate

1. Community Submissions

Black community members are invited to contribute to any or all of the exhibition’s thematic areas: hair, food and objects of significance. More information is in the submission form below! Submission items can be physical or digital.

Initial drop off for inclusion in the exhibition runs from January 26 to February 16 but you’re welcome to come add a piece at any point throughout the project’s life span until the end of April!

2. Become a Volunteer

Visit here to apply to be a volunteer for our exhibition and or our upcoming events (ie. opening reception, workshops and closing event).

Upcoming Events and Exhibition Hours

General Exhibition Hours – Friday, February 17 to Thursday, April 27

Tuesdays: 1 – 5PM

Wednesdays: 10AM – 5PM

Thursdays: 12 – 7PM

Fridays: 12 – 7PM

Selected Saturdays

Past Events

Opening Reception – Friday, February 17

Community members are invited to the opening reception for food, drink, and a welcome speech by Councillor of Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Amber Morley.

Reception will be running 6PM to 8PM.

Hair Workshop – Monday, March 27

In partnership with Braids for AIDS, community members are invited to participate in a hair workshop exploring the skills and techniques to achieve different styles of black hairstyles. This workshop will be free.

Workshop will be running 6PM to 8PM.

Self-Portrait Workshop – Wednesday, March 29

Facilitated by Georgia Fullerton, Black community members are invited to explore their self-image, in a self-portrait workshop using collage and painting techniques to explore ideas they have and hold about themselves. Participants will be provided with a take-home dinner of culturally-relevant foods.