Celebrate Black History Month – Meet Judi!

Judi is the Founder and Collective Director of KeepRockinYou. She has actively been involved in Hip Hop Culture and dancing since the early 2000’s. Since returning to Toronto from South Korea and the UK, Judi has been committed to the development of the B-­girl community by starting the project The Toronto B­Girl Movement in 2012. Judi has danced for Rihanna and was a featured character in Lost Girl Canadian series. Judi has shown much passion towards the arts and to building presence in the Toronto Hip Hop community through her work with Manifesto Community Projects as the former Managing Director. Her leadership qualities have given her many opportunities to speak about Hip Hop and the Arts for social change at Universities, community gatherings and special event showcases.

Lakeshore Arts Connection: Judi was invited to facilitate a Hip Hop dance workshop for our YAM (Youth Arts Movement) youth in Spring 2016 and again for our ARTiculate program. Her vibrant energy and passion for dance inspired the youth to rock out and unleash their inner b-boy/girl!

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