Celebrate Black History Month – Meet Shirley!

Shirley is a visual artist, working primarily with Print Media and Pyrography, while occasionally dabbling in Collaging, Photography and Painting. She is an Artist Educator, mentor, and friend working with a variety of children, youth and adults for slightly over 10 years. As a practicing artist, her work has been recognized and awarded by the City of Mississauga as well as art galleries and academic faculty, and has been featured in various publications. Shirley continues to produce and showcase her work across the GTA and has even had her work shown abroad, in Europe and Trinidad.

Lakeshore Arts Connection: Shirley worked with Lakeshore Arts in Winter/Spring 2016 to facilitate our weekly Art Drop-in Program. Working with youth who dropped by our Smith Zone Gallery, she helped them create various arts projects each week, while also planning and executing an end of session project, a mural in our gallery on the TD Play Community Wall.

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