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The beautiful lotus pond mural found at 1 Fourteenth Street was painted by sibling duo, Frannie and Matthew Potts, as part of the Neighbourhood Love initiative. The cool colours transport you to a calming world of clear water and skies, while the blooming flowers and beaming sun rays breathe life into the landscape.

Neighbourhood Love Mural

Frannie Potts & Matthew Potts
Mural | 2020
1 Fourteenth St | Etobicoke

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Artist Statement (from Frannie Potts)

When I was asked to participate in this Neighbourhood Love mural project, I immediately thought it would be a great opportunity to get my brother Matthew Potts involved in his first mural painting experience. I asked him if there’s anything he’d like to paint, and he suggested lotus flowers, a symbol of peace and serenity.

It was serendipitous that we were paired with Gui to paint our mural since the home we were painting is used as a healing centre for those struggling with mental health issues. He wanted an ethereal, somewhat magical entrance to his centre for healing, and the symbolism of the lotus flowers aligned perfectly with his vision and use of the space.

The mural depicts a blue pond with Pink lotus flowers and lily pads floating along the surface. The door is painted to appear as though it’s wooden, with rays of light emerging from inside, symbolizing the healing that takes place within Gui’s centre.

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In Search Of… Prompts

What are some of the forms of life that share our beaches, shores and waterways in Etobicoke?

Can a mural be a love letter?

What are some ways that care and love are shown to communities, or shared amongst communities?

What are some acts of care that you do in your life (towards yourself, your community or others?)

In Search of… Conversation

Bareket Kezwer, one of the co-founders of Neighbourhood Love, speaks about the purpose behind the new collective, and why community members needed a public art initiative to connect them to each other. Spoken word artist, Zara Rahman, performs an empowering piece about community bonds and resilience.

Watch. Listen. Read.

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In conversation with

Bareket Kezwer, Muralist & Visual Artist

Bareket is a Toronto-based visual artist, muralist, graphic designer, curator, writer and eternal optimist. She creates art to spread joy, bring people back into the present moment, cultivates gratitude and fosters new social interactions. Bareket is an inquisitive, adaptive and active urban resident dedicated to making Toronto more socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. She is a passionate street artist and can be found spreading smiles as she explores Toronto’s alleyways and hidden corners on her bike.

Bareket’s work is motivated by her desire to spread positivity, cultivate gratitude and foster new social interactions. She works with bright colours and bold patterns to captivate people’s attention and fill them with joy. Bareket tries to connect with as many people as possible around her message of positivity and uses each beautiful prompt to grow the collective conversation about the power of gratitude and optimism.

Zara Rahman, Spoken Word Artist

Zara Rahman (she/her) is a spoken word artist dedicated towards self-empowerment and storytelling. Through written and spoken word poetry, Zara has shared stories with audiences up to 2000 and in more intimate settings. She has been featured on CBC news and the Toronto Star for her community involvement.

Zara, founder of the nonprofit organization called Youth Professionals, is passionate about supporting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth and their future careers. Zara Rahman has also been named the CBC news 2021 Community Champion award winner.

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