In Search of…HOME

Luvsumone’s impressive four-sided mural in Marie Curtis Park is hard to miss. This large dream-like piece takes inspiration from the park’s scenery and wildlife inhabiting the lake and shores, and sets them amongst rainbow-coloured clouds. On each side, we see a fish, an industrial building in a bottle, a duck, and birds nesting around the word “home,” reminding us that the land we occupy is shared with all sorts of creatures.


Luvsumone (Moises Frank)
Mural | 2016
Marie Curtis Park | Etobicoke

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In Search Of… Prompts

What does this 4-sided mural make you think of? Can you create a story linking all four sides?

What sounds, smells and images come to mind when you think of the word ‘home’?

Are they from recent or old memories?

Is your idea of home something that has shifted over time?

Imagine how many people call this land home. Imagine how many people might feel very far from what they call home.

In Search of… Conversation

Muralist, Luvs, shares how local culture and history inspired his mural. He gives insight into the importance of public art in activating community spaces, as well as what “home” means to him. Fumu Jahmez presents an artistic reflection of the community in connection with nature, through song and dance.

Watch. Listen. Read.

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In conversation with

Luvsumone, Muralist & Visual Artist

Moises Frank (aka Luvsumone) is a Toronto-based emerging artist human. A Toronto kid who grew up in Rexdale and studied art in the streets, under bridges, and abandoned buildings he hopes to bring colour to more neighbourhoods and inspire people on the street the way graffiti has inspired him from a young age. He loves pizza, painting and people, and is extremely passionate about education, hip hop, and community.

Luvsumone’s work reflects his personal experimentation and evolution of what graffiti is to him. This urban phenomenon of “graffiti” has grown and changed so much over the years and Luvsumone finds himself somewhere in the mess. He describes himself as traditional and “purist” in the sense that he uses no tape, no stencils, no projections, no brushes or chalk. Everything is done freehanded on the spot with the spray can. However, being a millennial and growing up with the age of the internet, his style has been influenced by so many other forms of media and artists all over the world. Luvsumone’s “graffiti” tends to break or bend the rules of traditional graffiti murals and pushes the boundaries of what graffiti means. He believes this is crucial to the development and growth of graffiti culture.

Fumu Jahmez, Multi-disciplinary Artist

Fumu Jahmez is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Toronto has been his place of residence for well over 2 decades. He is a dancer, singer, musician, poet and more. His passion for the arts is a 24/7 occurrence as it is like the oxygen needed to live. Fumu is determined to realize all his artistic goals by expressing the talents burning inside of him.

Fumu has collaborated with a long list of artists from all over the world including Red Slam Collective of which he plays the djembe and provides background vocals. Recently, he has embarked on the musical journey of recording his first solo album to be released sometime in 2021. Welcome to the world of Fumu Jahmez.

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