LSA Pie Auction

The much loved LSA Pie Auction returns this fall as a community virtual event where you get to walk home with a delicious pie baked by a community member or local business. We have re-designed it as a virtual experience while still retaining the fun from our in-person auction. Gift certificates to yummy local food and pastry spots will also be awarded to some bidding winners. Register below to donate a pie and save the date to attend the auction on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021. RSVP here.

Image credit: Featherstone, 2019

How it works

1. Pie donation

Community members and local businesses donate pies for the auction. The pies can be sweet or savoury, fresh or frozen, one or as much you can bake. We also accept donations of other pastries like tarts and cakes. The winners of pies donated by individual community members will collect them at our office (2422 Lakeshore Blvd W, Etobicoke) the following day. Winners of pies donated by local bakeries will pick them up at the said bakeries whose addresses will be made available after the auction. 

2. Auction

The auction begins with a viewing of the pies. As the auction is online this year, we will only have a few of the pies to show at the main event. The pies which are donated by bakeries will be made available for viewing a few days to the auction at their locations. Once the auction begins each pie will be bidded upon and given to the highest bidder. The winner will collect their pie the following day at Lakeshore Arts / local bakery.

3. Community Impact

Proceeds from the auctioned pies will go towards the amazing community arts programs we deliver to over 10,000 people annually! This year alone, we have worked with 35 artists to produce programs and enabled the arts to be accessible to over 100 children, youth, seniors – especially those whose marginalization in our social fabric has been amplified within the pandemic. In the past the pie auction has raised over $3000 in a single event, becoming evidence of how much we can accomplish through our collective efforts as a community. We also love that the pie auction enables us to share baked treats with one another just before the fall-long weekend!

Come, support the arts – it’s as easy as PIE!

Want to join our list of creative pie donors?
Donate a pie!

We are accepting donation entries until September 30th, 2021.

In case you are spoilt for choice on what to make, here are pies we have received before to inspire you:

  • Sweet – apple, pear and dried cherry, mixed berry, maple walnut, pecan with chocolate drizzle, rhubarb caramel pie.
  • Savoury – beef and mushroom, red wine beef braised, gourmet three-cheese macaroni, cauliflower with crab and cheese, shepherd’s pie.

If you have any questions please email