Tips & Tricks for a Fantastic Mimico Porch View Dances Weekend

We’re gearing up for Porch View Dances Mimico! Dance, smiles and family-friendly activities. What more could you ask for! It’s going to be a busy weekend at the resort, so be prepared to have a great time with your family and friends. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your spring fun weekend!


COMFY SHOES ARE A MUST! This is a walking tour that is roughly an hour long from start to finish. We want you to enjoy yourself and participate in the Flock Landing – a community involved dance.


KEEP HYDRATED! Bring water and stay hydrated.

Be aware, there are no washrooms along the route. If in need, please ask local business along the lakeshore. We are affiliated with Birds and Beans, Ed’s Real Scoop, FBI Pizza all locations are close to the beginning of the route.

PREPARED FOR ALL WEATHER! Canadian weather can be unpredictable. Based on your discretion, bring an umbrella and an extra layer of clothing depending on the weather at the time of the performances.

PROTECT YOUR SKIN! Sunscreen isn’t just for the hot summer months. Avoid the embarrassing sunglasses tan by giving your face some extra love in the morning. A little SPF30 goes a long way! Hats and sunglasses are also suggested.

PLAN AHEAD FOR TRANSPORTATION! There are street parking and limited parking spaces at the Mimico Adult School.

Att. If you are using street parking keep in mind that the parade will be rolling street closures along the route – traffic will be stopped by the bike squad (in green).

ROUTE IS ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYONE! Wheelchairs are welcome, as we will be primarily on the street, only going onto the sidewalk when we enter into the Mimico Adult Centre Soccer field.

* Keep in mind the entrance to Flock Landing is uneven and could be difficult for wheelchairs.

ARRIVE AND JOIN IN WHERE YOU CAN! Be sure to check out our route map.

ENJOY YOURSELVES! This is a fun family event, get ready to make some awesome memories!


We look forward to seeing everyone soon!